Saturday, July 10, 2010

Realty Tours Northwest of Yakima provides HUGE options for Yakima Real Estate home owners and Realtors.

Harness the power of Video and the internet to maximize your Yakima Real Estate listing. Recently added to our website and blog is Google Maps browsing....and best of all, the listings are YouTube Video Tours of the home! Gone are the days of browsing a few pictures and waiting to get inside the home to take a look. Now you can get a feel for the "flow" of the house without ever stepping foot inside the home!
Does this new era of viewing homes deter away from a more personal and tradition in-person tour of the home with your Realtor?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Rather...a viewer can make a better decision about the criteria they are looking for in a home..and whether or not that home has the features and "flow" that the client is looking for. Thus....saving both the Realtor and Client countless hours of shuttling around from one home to the another.
And best of all...the Agent who uses video in their marketing is branding themself as a LEADER in the Real Estate market.

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