Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yakima Real Estate | Video Email Marketing For Real Estate | The Internet Marketer - Joseph J Gomez

Did you know that video email marketing is a must-have for real estate and mortgage professionals? The reason being that in a recent interview, 86% of clients said that they would use the same realtor or loan officer again. They also said that they would refer their friends, family, or co-workers to the same agent or LO.

The problem is, only 7% of them did. I hate to be this blunt, but this is no one’s fault but your own. Think about it, what are you doing to stay in front of your clients? Are you sending postcards? Did you know that postcards have a very high rate of being tossed into the recycle bin because most people see postcards as junk mail?

I recently came across an article online that showed the difference between sending postcards versus sending out emails with video. The business decided to send out both campaigns at the same time. They have a database of 16,000 addresses and 6406 email addresses.

The total cost for the mail campaign, after figuring in the cost to create the cards, postage, etc., was just over $12,000. After all this, they got a total of 12 responses. That’s a rate of 0.075%.

The email with video was sent out to 6406 people. It got an open rate of 43.8% (2,804 opens), a click through rate of 44.7% (1,254) and 146 direct replies asking for more info. This equals an 11X higher response rate!

I don’t know what kind of money you have to throw around for your business these days, but one thing is clear: if you’re not maximizing your “face time” with your clients, you’ll no doubt lose them to someone that just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Has that ever happened when you were at a gathering or function and someone you’ve done business with says, “I forgot all about you, I just bought/sold my house!” Or, “I just refinanced!” You can avoid this by staying in front of your clients. Think about all the holidays we have, birthdays, graduations, the birth of a new baby, a new pet, etc. These are all excellent excuses to send out a video email. If you’re ready for a demonstration of how powerful this tool can be for your business, click on the link here. Watch the 60 second video and start using this today.

Thanks for reading,

Joseph J Gomez

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