Thursday, August 5, 2010

How To Sell Your Home On YouTube

Does anyone ever go to YouTube to look for homes for sale?

Probably Not!

So why would you want to put your real estate listing on YouTube?

Because 85% of all people looking for homes for sale start their search online.

So where do they start their search?.....GOOGLE!

Google just so happens to mix VIDEOS, IMAGES, BLOGS, MAPS and many other web results in their search criteria. As Real Estate Video becomes the newest and most effective form of marketing real estate.. you will begin to see more VIDEO results on every real estate related search. 

Now think about this.......YouTube is the #3 MOST visited website in the world....more people visit YouTube than any of the Social Media websites...including Facebook or Twitter.

What does that say about people and what they will "click on" when there is a video to watch of a Real Estate listing?

Yakima, WA and Realty Tours Northwest provides options for getting your listings on YouTube and over 200 other websites across the globe.

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