Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will Real Estate Video Help U Sell Your Yakima Home?

The preceding real estate video tour has been active for about 3 months and has received over 2000 views and can be found all over the internet, in search engines everywhere for search terms related to Chinook Pass and Yakima Washington. The numbers are staggering to say the least. The video has also been used as the feature video on several real estate classified sites as well.
However.....does that mean that the house will certainly sell with those kind of numbers? Not necessarily. Selling a home in today's market....along with all the advanced tools at our
disposal like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and such is only a little bit of "icing on the cake"

Location, Condition and Price are still the most important factor when it comes to getting your Real Estate sold.

The beauty behind the concept of real estate listings on video is in the concept that "people LOVE video" and a video opens the doors of a property listing.... 24-Hours-A-Day in ways that PHOTOS simply CANNOT. Therefor, any given real estate listing that has a video tour WILL receive double, triple, quadruple and often times 100X more exposure to MORE people than any other listing that DOES NOT have a video tour.

It is all about the NUMBERS.

MORE exposure = MORE buyers.

A professionally produced video tour engages the audience, and as a result...the video will end up being shared all over the world, thus it will end up being syndicated in ways that any traditional method of Real Estate Advertising will not.

Conclusion - In most cases and when done properly by a professional, a Real Estate listing that includes a video will have MORE PEOPLE seeing the inside of the home (just like being there) in 1 month....than 10 years if that same listing was on the market with traditional forms of marketing.
The math is simple.....and the future of real estate does not include print advertisement or simple photos.

I did a little research on the life- span of newspapers and telephone books and found some great articles from very reliable resources such as New York Times and CNN Money that talk about the demise of newspapers as we know them on my Yakima Real Estate Blog.

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