Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Brand New Real Estate Developments - Realty Tours Northwest of Yakima

Two brand new developments are coming to the internet that will benefit both Real Estate Agents and Video Tour Service Providers which will ultimately provide a means to showcase a property via a video tour and generate more viewers for the listing.

1. Google has acquired Quiksee 

Quiksee allows users to upload interactive photo and video tours of real-world locations with geo tagged information and place them on online maps. Once the transition takes place, Google Maps will include the videos in their Street View browsing. The enhancement to Google Maps will be a great add-on feature for real estate listings as the viewer can get a great view of the property and surrounding neighborhood as well as the ability to now watch a video of the home's interior.

2. Twitter has announced "Split Screen"

Twitter will be unveiling a new user enhancement dubbed "SplitSreen" Users will now be able to view photos and videos on Twitter without leaving the TWITTER application. The new integration will help entice users to view more videos and photos on Twitter as they won't have to leave Twitter and stay on the site longer. This too will ultimately lead to more property views for those real estate listings that include video.

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